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Today we bring you a detailed guide on how to spend an unforgettable stay in Prague in 3 days, the capital of the Czech Republic. Prague is a city that has it all: history, culture, delicious food and stunning architecture that will transport you to another era.

In this post we leave you a detailed itinerary  day by day for 3-day Prague trip , so you can discover the most iconic places in the city and immerse yourself in Czech culture. Get ready to walk, explore and enjoy all that the city of 100 towers has to offer.

Map with points of the itinerary for 3 days in Prague

What to visit in Prague on day 1?: Prague Square and Jewish Quarter

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Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí)

Start on the first day of 3 days in Prague, in the Old Town Square, where the famous astronomical clock is located. As the name implies, Prague Square is the heart of the city since the twelfth century. It is surrounded by spectacular buildings and monuments give it a unique historical and cultural value.

The Astronomy Tower is an astronomical clock with a very complex mechanism. It has been in operation for more than 600 years and rarely decomposed. It consists of 3 levels:

  • The first is the circular calendar that shows the months of the year
  • On a second level is the astronomical quadrant that shows 24 hours a day and shows the position of the Moon and Sun
  • The third and last, that of the apostles, which has animated figures of the 12 apostles.

📢 Be sure to visit it when the hours are sharp and enjoy the movement of the watch in its maximum splendor.

Also Old Town Square, you will see that two towers rise behind some buildings, is the Church of Our Lady of Tyny. The façade is Gothic and its interior is Baroque. Its 80-meter-high towers are curiously asymmetrical. It can be accessed for free and it is not allowed to take photos inside.

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What to see on 3 days in Prague

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Tour in the Jewish Quarter

The Josefov neighborhood was the former Jewish ghetto and today remains the heart of the community. This area dates back to the Middle Ages and here the legend of the Golem was born.

Some of the points you have to include in your visit to the Jewish quarter are:

  • Old-New Synagogue: It is the oldest in Europe that is still used regularly. It is a Gothic construction decorated on the outside in stone and an interior where there are wrought iron details such as bars and lamps.
  • Pinkas Synagogue: This synagogue is today a memorial containing the names of the victims of the Holocaust of the region of Bohemia and Moravia handwritten as a form of commemoration.
  • Jewish Cemetery: This amazing cemetery was used from the fifteenth century until 1787. At the time it was the only place where they could bury the people of this community, so over time they created layer upon layer to continue with their funeral rites.
  • Prague Jewish Museum: The museum is located in several synagogues in the Jewish quarter and tells the story of Prague’s Jewish community from the tenth century to the present day.

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barrio Judio

What to visit in Prague? Day 2: Prague Castle and surroundings, Kafka Museum, Charles Bridge and Powder Tower

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Prague Castle, In and around

We recommend that you start your tour by going up to the Savoy Hotel. From here you can go down to the side of the river and go through the important points while getting to know the neighborhood.

Be sure to visit the Library of the monastery in 3 days in Prague. It is a library that has manuscript  books of very old along with a collection of embalmed marine animals. The rooms of the library are decorated in a very sumptuous way, but unfortunately you can not enter to visit them except from the door.

📢 Unfortunately, to be able to photograph it you have to pay extra crowns for photo permission.


The road to the Old Town has beautiful panoramic views of Prague, ideal for enjoying and taking pictures. Finally, you reach Prague Castle, which is a set of old buildings. Today the Government House operates here.

📢 On Sundays there are no guides, and the audio guide sells out quickly.

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In your view of the interior of the castle, be sure to visit St. Vitus Cathedral. This church combines several architectural styles, including Gothic and Baroque. Inside it has wonderful stained glass windows full of color.

Continue to the Golden Alley, where you will find several houses that were originally built to house the twenty-four guards of Emperor Rudolf II of Habsburg. Then they were the homes of artisans and today they became souvenir shops or small museums, for example you can see a large collection of armor and a house set in medieval times, among others.

Castillo de Praga / Prague Castle

Franz Kafka Museum

The museum is dedicated to the famous writer Franz Kafka, author of the book “Metamorphosis”. In his collection there are a number of Kafka’s books of first edition. The museum is complemented by displays of personal items such as letters, diaries and drawings created by Kafka.

Don’t miss at the entrance the fountain that has two men peeing over the Czech Republic made by the artist Černý, who is a famous sculptor from Prague.

Franz Kafka Muzeum - Franz Kafka Museum

Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge was built in the fourteenth century to link the two parts of the city that were separated by the Vltava River. The bridge is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture, with numerous baroque statues adorning its towers. Local artists and artisans are positioned along the bridge to sell their wares or present their art.

Powder Tower

Built in 1475 as one of the gates of the city, it suffered a serious fire, so it had to be rebuilt. Its name is due to the fact that from the seventeenth century it began to be used as the place of storage of gunpowder. It opens every day from 10 in the morning and can be accessed by paying an entrance.


Third day, 3-day Prague trip closure: Malá Strana district

Malá Strana District

The Malá Strana district or Lesser District is one of the most charming neighborhoods in Prague with a beautiful view of the Vltava River. Here is a lot to see and do like:

  • St. Nicholas Church: This is an impressive church both outside and inside. Its façade is a masterpiece of the Baroque and inside there are beautiful frescoes, sculptures and golden decorations. It has great acoustics, ideal for classical music concerts.
  • Petřín Park: It is on a hill that has stunning views of Prague. It has several gardens and attractions such as the Petřín viewpoint, a tower with panoramic views, and a mirror labyrinth.
  • John Lennon Wall: The origin of the wall, as it is known today, dates back to the date when John Lennon was assassinated in 1980. The communists who ruled Prague at the time, had their music forbidden. After the death,  a portrait of Lennon was painted on the wall with phrases against the authorities. Several times it was erased and the graffiti always returned.
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Wallenstein Palace and gardens

The Wallenstein Palace was built in the seventeenth century and is Baroque in style. Since 1992 it has been the seat of the Czech Senate. The halls and rooms decorated with frescoes and ornaments stand out. In addition, it has an important collection of art that includes works by national and European artists from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries.

The palace has beautiful gardens with fountains and sculptures. But the ones that stand out the most are the peacocks that roam among the people.

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Dancing House

Visit the Dancing House  in Czech, Tančící dům, one of the most emblematic and modern buildings in the city. Very close  to the Vltava River, the construction is designed with a shape of two figures that seem to be dancing. Inside the building there is an  art gallery that exhibits temporary exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. There is also  a restaurant and a bar, which offer a variety of dishes and drinks. The building is not open to the general public, except for commercial premises.

Tančící dům

What to see in Prague? The famous Black Theatre

Black theater, originally from Prague, is a type of silent theatrical performance that stands out to be done on a black stage in the dark.  With strategic lighting, a play of light and shadows is created, allowing characters and stories to be represented. Resources such as music, acrobatics and puppets are often used to give way to very colorful works. Do not miss a black play to close your passage in 3 days in Prague.

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